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When couples look to the legal system to resolve problems in their marriage, it can be stressful. The divorce attorneys at LaMantia Law Firm take a sensitive approach to the each client's case, with full understanding of emotional aspects of separation and divorce. We serve our clients, not only to help them achieve the best result, but to lift as much of their burden as possible and help return a sense of normalcy. The LaMantia Law Firm's divorce lawyers are here to help.

The LaMantia Law Firm is located in Mount Pleasant, it is neither big or small, but rather 'right sized'. Our divorce attorneys are able to provide the one-on-one care and flexibility that you need for your situation. Each member of our team is both a spouse and a parent, so we know that marriage and parenting can present tough challenges. Once we accept your case, you can rest assured that we are in your corner and want to help you come to a solution and allow you to move on.

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