The “Divorce Ring”

From Would You Wear a $3,200 ‘Divorce Ring’?

Fashionistas everywhere can thank jewelers Spritzer and Furman for this 18-karat gold split heart ring being marketed as one to wear if you’ve gotten a divorce. Oh — and it’s only $3,200! Now you’ll never be able to forget your ex again!

I just don’t see where there would be a demand for a bauble like this. First thing’s first: The ring itself is heinous. It makes me think of something a Power Ranger would wear on a date. And while I love gold and would want my engagement ring to be gold, this gold looks ridiculous. Not to mention, the design is hideous. The triangular diamond looks like a dagger, don’t you think?

I also have to ask: After a heart-wrenching split, aren’t there a lot of other things you would rather spend $3,200 on than a ring to remind you of your newfound singledom? Like, oh, I don’t know, a trip to Las Vegas with your girlfriends or a much nicer looking piece of jewelry that doesn’t make you think of your ex every time you get a glimpse of your hand?

The author is right — the ring is hideous.  Click on the link above if you want to see a photo.

Despite the tongue-in-cheek nature of the original story, there is a lesson here.  Divorce–and really any Family Law action–is a life-changing experience, the closure of one chapter and the opening of another.  Some people want to celebrate that, and those that do generally do so in their own special way.  Here at The LaMantia Law Firm, we have had clients go out for “drinks with the girls,” take photos with us at the courthouse, and go on solo backpacking trips through Europe as a way of celebrating the closure and stability that a Final Order can provide.  We even had someone tattoo the date of her divorce on her foot.

The point is, however you want to celebrate the opening of a new chapter in your life … well, that’s up to you.  We just want to help you get there.