LaMantia Law Firm Single Parent Scholarship

According to a 2013 report from the US Census Bureau, the television version of the all-American family is largely a myth. We are no longer a nation where dad is out working while mom stays at home raising the kids. Since 1970, the number of married households with children has fallen by half – from 40% of US households down to 20%. Nearly half (46%) of all US households are either headed by a single parent or an unmarried couple.

Another significant trend was the shift to working outside the home during the 2007 – 2009 recession. As a country, we still haven’t recovered completely, and couples often find two jobs are needed to support their family.

It’s the pairing of these two trends that inspired the LaMantia Law Firm Single Parent Scholarship. There’s a rising number of solo parents trying to do it all – raise their kids and keep their household afloat. We want to help. Our scholarship will be available to a single parent pursuing higher education (either a college or law degree).

We Want to Help

Believe us when we tell you we know the difficulties. We’ve been practicing family law for 15 years, the last 9 here in Charleston. Together at LaMantia Law Firm, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in the area of family law. And after they break the chains of a bad marriage, or escape an abusive situation, or get custody of their precious children – after this, one question always remains: “What now?”

The truly inspiring part of this job is when the drama of the divorce or custody battle is over, and a client seizes the possibilities and opportunities embodied in their new-found freedom. One path forward is rekindling plans they set aside, including education goals. College offers a chance for both self-improvement and a new career. It’s also a path toward financial stability.

We’d like to hear from single parents who’ve followed this dream. As part of the scholarship application, we ask for a short essay – really just a way to tell your story. We’ll share the winning submission (anonymously if you request it) to inspire others who may feel themselves trapped by circumstances.

The Single Parent Scholarship details can be found here:

Please check back soon for information on the 2016 Scholarship


Allison and Tony have four children—three boys and a girl—and, when not in the office, Allison devotes much of her time to their schooling and extracurricular activities. As a married couple practicing family law, the LaMantia’s bring a unique perspective to all their cases, and a resolve to reach fair, stable outcomes for all their clients.