Our Firm’s Mission

The LaMantia Law Firm with their 4 children

Family is forever.  Whatever your situation, you have put your heart and your soul into cultivating a healthy relationship with your family.  That family could be your husband or wife, your child, your child’s mother or father, or perhaps even your grandchild.

For one reason or another, that relationship has changed for the worse.

We understand.  We know that very little is as deeply stressful and as intensely personal as being thrown into the legal process, whether it be by choice or by force.  We know that emotions are raw, we know that you are worried, and we know that you have questions.  We are here to help.

I am Anthony LaMantia, a husband and attorney based in historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina.  I have more than twenty years of experience in the family court system.

I am a proud parent of four wonderful children — that’s us in the photograph above.  Through the day-to-day trials, tribulations and triumphs of parenting, as well as through our professional and personal relationships with others in our community, I realize that when I represent you, we are also representing your family and your community.

It is through this insight and these experiences that we believe The LaMantia Law Firm offers a unique approach to the effective resolution of individual legal issues — our focus is on achieving stability for you and your family, and doing so in a way that minimizes the trauma, uncertainty and stress that often accompany legal proceedings in the family and criminal court.

No one is capable of predicting the physical and emotional toll that such legal proceedings can take on a given individual or their loved ones, but when we are in your corner, representing you, your family and your community, you can trust that you are in capable, determined hands, and that we are personally committed to protecting your interests.

Please browse our website and get to know our team.  Once you are ready, please contact us for a free initial consultation.

From your very first contact to your last, you will experience the quality and dedication that we provide to our clients at The LaMantia Law Firm, and you will know that you are as important, unique and safe as a part of our own family.

I look forward to meeting you.