Father’s Rights

Father with Son

Stereotypes go both ways.  For single fathers like you, the questions abound: Can he really dress those kids properly?  Can he really cook them a healthy dinner?  Can he really be as good and effective a parent without mom in the picture?

Of course you can.

In 1995, the State of South Carolina abolished the “Tender Years Doctrine,” which traditionally created a presumption that, absent specific circumstances, smaller children should be placed with their mother.  That presumption is gone.  In fact, recent case law from 2010 reinforced the abolishment of the “Tender Years Doctrine,” stating that parents in South Carolina stand on equal footing at the commencement of custody proceedings.

So, is it possible for a father like you to be awarded custody of your child or children?  Absolutely, and without question.  The paramount consideration in all child custody controversies is the best interests of the child or children involved, and with the abolishment of the “Tender Years Doctrine” the Court has recognized the invaluable contribution of fathers to the health, welfare and well-being of their children.

Here at The LaMantia Law Firm, we’re all parents.  We understand your need to be with your child, and we are here to help.