Question MarksAny kind of legal proceedings can be confusing.  The process can be long, nuanced, and cumbersome.  Here at The LaMantia Law Firm, however, we have more than thirty years of experience between us in dealing with all aspects of Family Law, Landlord-Tenant Law, and Criminal Law.

While we encourage you to contact us for a free initial consultation, during which one of our attorneys can likely answer any of your questions, with any luck one of Frequently Asked Questions sections can get your started down the path to answers.

Each section is based upon questions that we have received on multiple occasions from clients looking for help with a specific problem, or just looking to set their minds at ease with regard to potential problems that may arise in the future.  For that reason, what you’ll find in the FAQ sections will be questions covering the most basic of issues, and more questions and answers will be added over time.  For more in-depth answers and snapshots of the law, see our sections in the “Practice Areas” menu.

In the meantime, we hope that the following Frequently Asked Questions sections may be able to provide some insight into the problems you are facing.  The sections: